Tukik Belimbing (penyu) di Lepaskan

Lhoknga Aceh Besar – Sabtu 8 Februari 2014. Siswa SMA 1 Lhoknga  melakukan kegiatan pelepasan 25 tukik jenis belimbing dipesisir pantai lhoknga ke laut lepas.


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Ujong Pancu: Saving Coral Reefs and Coastal Fisheries

By: Arifsyah M. Nasution | WWF-Indonesia

Proposed marine conservation areas (KKLD) Ujong Pancu is administratively located in the Peukan Bada Subdistrict, Aceh Besar District, Aceh Province, Indonesia. Based on indigenous territories management, KKLD Ujong Pancu including coastal waters managed by the Chief (Panglima) Laot Lhok Lamteungoh.  Based on the geographical position KKLD Ujong Pancu is located  ± 5 degree 32 ‘ untill  5 degree 34’ N Latitute and 95 degree 08 ‘ untill 95 degree 15’ East Longitude. KKLD Ujong Pancu is one area of coastal waters that are reserved by the District of Aceh Besar as water conservation through Aceh Besar Regent Decree No. 190 Year 2011 on the establishment of Water Conservation Area in District of Aceh Besar of Aceh province.

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2nd Full Final – Activities Report of Jaringan KuALA in Period Nov2009 – Dec2010

The project aims to strengthen and develop KuALA-Network (Period 2009-2011) and its rules and functions –as new civil entity that was born from implementation of GC Project in Aceh– to voice and advocate the sustainable management of sea and coastal area of Aceh including to continue monitoring and development of GC results that have been achieved from its implementation in period 2005-2009.

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Brief profile of Jaringan KuALA

Koalisi untuk Advokasi Laut Aceh (Jaringan KuALA) or Advocacy Coalition for North Aceh (KuALA Network) is a network or umbrella-organization for institutions and civil society groups who have a non-governmental activities focus on environmental issues, empowering and monitoring the management of coastal and marine areas in Aceh.

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A call for celebrating World Oceans Day (WOD) 2012

By: Arifsyah M Nasution | Salut Volunteer | WWF-Indonesia

Some people joke that greatest swimming-pool is the ocean. Scientists concluded that ocean regulates the earth’s climate. Biologist particularly said it is the richest places of world’s biodiversity. Sailor and fishermen call it as space for their livelihood, their days, their destiny. Mostly, in the same area, at off-shores or the edges of ocean in many countries with coastal territories, mining and oil companies compete each other in exploration and exploitation.

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